Player Servers

Connecting Java and Bedrock with no extra cost or effort.


About The Project


PlayerServers is a new and unique way of owning a Minecraft server.

.PlayerServers runs entirely through a centeral Hub. Allowing you and your friends to create, edit and play without using an online panel. When you create a server on our hub, it generates an entirely new server.

.By using our Hub system, you can play cross-platform with no extra setup costs. Bedrock players using PC, Mobile, Xbox and PlayStation can connect and play with their friends on Java.

.You can even add plugins all done through an in-game menu. We include an array of use-able plugins such as Slimefun, WorldEdit, MythicMobs, Vehicles, Essentials & much more!



Commonly Asked Questions


How do I get a server?

Join our hub using the ip From the Hub you can read the instruction manual in your inventory or simply use the GUI! Join our Discord for extra support. All players get basic support, free and paid.


Mods, Custom Worlds & Other Versions

If you are a premium pay monthly user you can request to get a different server version and custom world uploaded to your server. If you want to add mods contact our staff on the Discord and they can help setup a modpack. You must be a Diamond pay-monthly user for this feature. We can only allow pre-made modpacks with server download packs.

How do I get more RAM, Slots & Plugins?

You can purchase ranks at our store. Different ranks allow you to upgrade the RAM, Slot and Plugin count from the in game menu on your server (/menu).


Can I download my server/world?

If you are a premium pay monthly member you can ask any staff on the Discord to provide you with a ZIP or RAR file of your server. However we will not provide the plugins as we are not allowed to redistribute them. All the plugins can be found on or ask a link to them on discord. We can provide the config files..